Letting Go

…it could seem like you are losing something
right now, but do not be fooled. This is simply
a turnaround orchestrated by your soul.
–Neil Donald Walsch

It’s Saturday morning of the August long weekend. I would usually be on a camping trip into the wild with my friends and family–an annual tradition I started about 25 years ago. And yet here I sit alone, typing away, at home. My wife and son are away, as are many of my friends.

There was not really much interest in the trip this year, but if the truth be told, I really did not put much effort into organizing it. My heart was just not in it. But it’s probably better this way.

The camping trip is a microcosm of the upheaval that is happening in the rest of my life. It is a very odd, uncomfortable, and difficult time of transition.

Part of me still wants to cling to what was normal and familiar, even though it no longer is.

But part of me thinks that I have to learn to let go, to stop fighting it, and allow life to happen.

To make room, and allow myself to hear whatever it is that’s calling me.

Let go. Have faith. Let god.

Letting go is different than denying or repressing. To let go of something is to admit it. You have to own it. Letting go is different than turning it against yourself; different than projecting it onto others. Letting go means that the denied, repressed, rejected parts of yourself, which are nonetheless true, are seen for what they are; but you refuse to turn them against yourself or against others. This is not denial or pretend, but actual transformation.–Richard Rohr

Let go