Finding Peace

If you ask me to boil down everything I desire into one statement, I would say without a doubt that finding peace is it. Seems to me that everything else would take care of itself if I had a peaceful head and heart. A peaceful being. 

I have been thinking alot about this lately, and was inspired by a line I read about a week ago in Thomas Ross’ blog Only Here Only Now…and it’s been rolling around in my head ever since.

“The peace is there always.  We need only the strength to receive it.”

What a revelationt! It’s ALWAYS there! There is reassurance in simply knowing it’s there, even though I may not experience it as much as I would like. But how can I uncover it, or find the strength to receive it?

Every person you ask would likely have a different path to peace, and there is no end to the self-help advice and tips out there to help you find it. But for me, I think it comes down to our earthly concept of time–past, future, and present.

If I can finally accept my past, and not allow it to govern who I am now, or who I will be tomorrow.

If I can allow myself not to worry about the future, to not waste energy on that which I cannot control.

If I can focus on being here, now–present, engaged, and in the moment.

Then peace will be mine.