Money Matters and Life Lessons

I wrote about the concept of money while I was in Africa. How it is simply a form of energy, neither a good thing or a bad thing, but how our attachment to or obsession with it is what causes problems.

And I was reminded of all this last night. We are preparing to sell our house. Downsizing, and selling off all the stuff we don’t need anymore. It all just seems too much now somehow, and I’m sure my 3rd world travels have had something to do with this re-framing.

Anyway, I arranged to sell one of our couches. A young man and his father came to pick it up. I watched him count out the cash, not really paying attention. I trusted that it was all there. I stuck it in my pocket and helped him get the couch into his truck. After he left, I counted it myself, and found it to be $40 short. I called Max and told him. He insisted that he gave me the full amount and that it was my responsibility to have counted it on the spot. And he was right, I should have. He was resolute and un-yielding, and I hated that.

I brooded about his for a few hours after that call. Why was I so trusting? How could I have been so stupid not to count it? It was not so much about the $40, but I just hated the idea that I had been ripped off. I hated the idea that I had a momentary lapse. I was so sure that I was right, and that he was wrong. I stopped just short of accusing him, which I would be very relieved about later.

The whole thing really bothered me, particularly because it spun me out for awhile, and I could not seem to reign it in.

This morning, in the light day, I found the missing $40. Somehow it had fallen out of the pile of cash, and under a piece of furniture. On another floor of the house no less! The universe does indeed respond in some very mysterious ways sometimes!

I immediately sent Max a note apologizing for doubting him. I never heard back from him. But that’s OK. It was the right thing to do.

So many big lessons and reminders here in this seemingly simple little transaction.

10 thoughts on “Money Matters and Life Lessons

  1. Oh, you are so brave to share these moments! And they have happened to us all. Odd, isn’t it, how attached we can be, not only to our “things”, but to our attitudes? I experience this all the time – and I’m sure you were ready for him to resist the truth, you probably had your responses all lined up (including how gracious and humble you would be when he gushed his apologies and rushed over with the missing money), and when faced with a denial of any wrongdoing, you felt wronged yourself, unable to complete the story with the ending you had in mind. Although this is a better ending, a lovely lesson, a soulful sigh. Thanks for being my mirror, and good luck with the sale of the house.

  2. Good for you, whether or not you ever receive an acknowledgement from him. You did the right thing. I think being so honest helps us to grow as individuals. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Your note was the right thing to do and Max knows it.. while he may not respond, he knows…well done sir!

  4. I find it interesting that the focus here seems to be on whether Max replied or not. To me, it is very much about how attached you were to losing $40, and how you were unable to free yourself from self-imprisonment to and by money.

  5. Thanks for the reply Gigi…curious that’s what you understood. In my mind Max’ reply was not the focus at all. And in fact the whole episode had nothing really to do with the money itself, but all the associations and pre-programmed stuff connected with it. By asking questions I hope to break some of these negative associations.

    • J
      Wow, para 4 & 5 indicate to me that it is totally about the money. If it was, say, a saucepan or blanket, not money, would you have gone through all those feelings? I don’t know, mate, to me it is obviously attachment to money, as fittingly pointed out by you right from the get-go.

      I mentioned Max’s reply in my first comment because of how others had responded, focusing on that issue primarily.

      Anyway, I reread your piece and it’s weird how you don’t see the money issue at all. Maybe the proverbial emperor is walking about here. LOL.

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