“We Are Together”

Povo school

Povo school students who let their love shine.

I heard these three little words many times while I was in Mozambique. Friends and colleagues would often say to me “we are together.”

And the way they said it was….special.

For example, I might say “can you help me get home after the show,” or “will you be at the cafe” and they would look at me and say, almost reassuringly, “we are together.” It would make me feel calm and safe somehow.

One day I asked Chico where this expression comes from. It is translated from the Shangaan word “hixikanwe” (pronounced hishi-kung-way).

It is one of the most beautiful expressions I have ever heard. The words…the context…the sentiment.


Johaness…a security guard I met one night in South Africa…such a beautiful soul who I connected with instantly.

So this week’s post is dedicated to some of the wonderful people I met during my African journey, who helped make it so memorable. You have changed me.

To them I say “hixikanwe.”

Charlotte and Seamus, and Liz and Rel

Charlotte and Seamus. Young souls who taught me so much. And of course their parents Liz and Mike who were so very generous and welcoming.


Jose..artist, creator, and nice guy.

Tomas and Miguel

Tomas and Miguel from the office…and there were so many more friendly colleagues who made me feel welcome.


Helder who always had my back.

Domingues and Orlando

Domingues and Orlando from the hotel. Always so open and friendly. “We love you Mr. Jona!”

Me and Jackson just outside Nelspruit, South Africa.

Jackson who drove me around Nelspruit and shared so much of himself with me.


And of course Chico….words cannot express my gratitude.

9 thoughts on ““We Are Together”

  1. You post moved me.. Humanity is so beautiful and the many ways we connect and unite are so powerful at times I could weep from the joy..
    Thank you for sharing these lovely people with us all!

  2. See there grasshopper? You did learn your lessons, and so well, I might add… I am overcome with pure joy and tears of bliss, while I read, every word is the culmination of your entire journey/experience, and in that one word, is everything! That is the Spark, from Source, which resides inherently in every human heart, and you just heard the heart beat for the first time… like a new kid in the neighborhood… everything is new… Now maybe Grasshopper has become the Master…. okay… hahaha you knew that was coming… I want to spread this beautiful piece of Art of the Heart to every possible person everywhere… It’s all you ever need to know… right? 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on cissyblue and commented:
    Courage transformed into the Miracle of Love, which you can see so easily in these beautiful images, in their beautiful eyes… This, my friends, is a real love song…. ❤

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