The Law of Attraction

Like attracts like. Essentially, the energy you transmit will attract that same type of energy towards you. Your thoughts will manifest according to, and in line with whatever you put out there. It’s happening whether we are consciously aware of it or not. (Esther and Jerry Hicks have done alot of work on this topic…thanks to Lisa for this @LadyAstoria for this link).

So if you think you lack something, then that is exactly what will happen–you will lack. If you expect abundance, then you will have that.

I get it, and believe that there are some very powerful universal forces at work here. Thoughts become intentions, and intentions become my reality. If I look back on some of the big events in my life–career, relationships, etc–I see quite clearly how my thoughts have affected the outcome.

So if I am thinking in a way that is not what I truly desire–that is not serving me–then I should think and behave as if I am operating from a place that is positive, that is serving me. This is the part I have trouble with.

My thoughts just happen. And my emotions just happen (whether I allow myself to experience them or not–a whole other topic!). So how do–in practical terms–interrupt or prevent a thought that is not serving me, that is not in my best interest, and replace it with one that is? If I feel anxious, upset, or angry about something, how do I not feel that, and not put out that energy? If I think I lack something, how do swap that with thoughts of abundance, when the day to day reality of that “lack” situation says otherwise?

Perhaps it not so much a question of not allowing a negative thought or feeling, but rather learning to recognize when they are occuring, and gently but methodically replacing them with those that are more beneficial.

Another one of those “easier said than done” situations, but I know there are many who can do this.

I am sending it out there. Any “thoughts?”

10 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction

  1. Jonathan, for 17 years of driving, I never had a car accident. Starting around 2006, I started thinking a lot of negative thoughts, to include wishing that I could get into a car accident and just end things (without hurting anyone else). I often had these negative fantasies as I drove back and forth to work. It was hard times. Then, I finally got what I had asked for from the universe. In 2008, a couple months after I returned from my deployment in Iraq, I got into my first car accident where my car got totalled. Nobody was badly hurt…thank God, especially the other party. I apologized to them because it was my fault. I rushed myself at a stop sign (crossing two, opposite lanes of ongoing traffic) when I noticed that there were several cars behind me. Anyway, I was in bed for almost a week because I could barely move. I learned my lesson not to ever rush, regardless of how many cars I’m holding back. Between then and now, I got into two more car accidents where my car got totalled again. Once, my husband was driving my car at night, in the country side, when we hit a deer. The last time, a big truck crashed into us because the driver was in a rush as well. My intuition told me that I had attracted these events to myself. So yeah, we should definitely focus on more positive thoughts. Like you said, it’s not easy. I know this may sound silly, but I’ve been using Ms. Benz’s (her first name escapes me right now…I included her in one of my posts) advice, and it’s worked so far. When I start having negative thoughts, I say to the negative thought, “You’re welcome into my space. I infuse you with love and light.” “Since what you resist persists” (a quote from NDW), it’s better to first embrace it, and then realize that you ARE Love and Light; therefore, you have the power within to rise above that negative thought. I also do things like: listen to music and sing while I’m cleaning the house, watch more positive and inspirational shows (to include comedy), be around nature (very effective), find joy in the simple things like reading a post from a spiritual blogger (like yourself), savor a meal, go for a walk/jog/run, etc. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your true self…it’s always refreshing, and a great pleasure!

  2. Yes, we do attract that which we either consciously or unconsciously think/believe we deserve. But … No to the changing feelings. Instead of fighting your feeling (which gives them more energy, right?), accept it. Name it, accept it, remove yourself from the situation, and observe it. Be like a third party simply watching. Without feeding it, without trying to change it or make it go away, be with it. Pleasant? No. Effective with practice? Yup. Ohhh, there’s so much more I could say here, but my hand hurts from typing. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Johnathan…very familiar with this concept, and the Abraham work. The tools I learned when working on involved gently guiding my thoughts to the ‘next best place’ when I observed them going in a direction that was unwanted. The key is being very aware of your thought process and not allowing it to be on ‘auto-pilot’. One needs to be in touch with where the mind/heart is going… Abraham refers to using your ‘feelings’ as the navigation system here. It’s not an easy task and takes time and practice. They have some applications (focus wheel and such) that you can use as tools too ~ great post ! ~RL

      • πŸ™‚ most welcome… it’s pretty amazing stuff for your emotional wellbeing once you get going with it. Yes – check in with yourself and be present wherever you are. Again, not so easy, but well worth the effort ~ much love to you, RL

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