Why Worry?

All the negative thoughts and emotions associated with trying anticipate the outcomes of an issue–real or imagined. Which leads to anxiety about something which I cannot control. And in reality, I control very little.

I often catch myself in this self-perpetuating cycle. And I know that it is such a tremendous waste of energy because it ultimately leads nowhere. It eats away at my imagination and saps my creative energy. It takes me out of the “here and now,” which is where I want to be spending most of my time. It is the opposite of trust, which is also where I want to be spending most, if not all of my time.

It also paralyses me into not acting. Easier to worry, than to actually do something about it, or so it might seem.

I have worried about just about everything you can imagine: what people think, money, career, health, my family, my friends, what could happen, what won’t happen…you name name it. And what has it really accomplished? Absolutely NOTHING! I’m still here, and the worst has not come to pass.

Small amounts I suppose may be helpful in that it can prepare me for certain situations, or help me figure out solutions to problems, but like anything else, too much is not helpful. And telling myself to stop worrying usually has the opposite effect (don’t think about pink elephants!).

Instead I will make a concerted effort to quiet the incessant chatter of my mind, to focus my energy on positive outcomes, to visualize what I would like to see happen and create thoughts that better serve me. I know this is a much healthier and more peaceful path. I just have to do it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I will close with this wonderful quote from Leo Buscaglia which sums it up beautifully: “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow. It only saps today of its joy.”

4 thoughts on “Why Worry?

  1. Very cool -> “Instead I will make a concerted effort to quiet the incessant chatter of my mind”. Do let us know how your efforts go. I feel like this is my constant struggle – knowing that being more present, more mindful – and less focused on that constant mind chatter – brings greater peace and grounded-ness, even a “better” future. But, I guess that *is* the practice of meditation, right? Bringing that awareness and quieting of the mind to the surface, over and over and over again. Thanks for this blog.

    Please stop by my site sometime – you may like the topics. Be well! Anitra

  2. Jonathan, thank you for reminding me of one my weaknesses that I really need to work on to transform into a strength, which is trust (like you mentioned). I have a tendency to worry too. Like Anitra said above, what you plan on focusing on truly is meditation. You’re the one who inspired me to get back to doing meditations. Along with listening to healing music, being in stillness and silence, healing and balancing my chakras, doing mantras, I also like to meditate by doing art. It has helped me a lot, and I’m so grateful that I’ve crossed paths with you. Thank you. By the way, I’ve always had very little patience (another weakness I’m currently waxing) to: relax, be more aware of the “now” moment, focus on thinking positive thoughts, choose to visualize more positive images, recognize and embrace negative feelings that stem from fear (low energy) and to learn to raise my vibrational frequency by choosing love. The following are quotes from NDW that we can ask ourselves when we come face-to-face with these challenges:
    “What would LOVE do now?” and “Is this who I choose to be?”

    Have a great weekend! I always look forward to your posts! 😀

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