Darkest Before Dawn

“The way ahead is cold and bleak. As far as the eye can see, there is cloud and threat of storm. The trees, barren and black, offer no promise of spring. You find yourself alone on the road, with no solace from anyone.

You sense that you have no choice but to keep moving. Yet as you walk, you find the bleakness becomes bearable by your courage, the way is made passable by your presence, the ground is blessed by your passing.

You find yourself bewildered by what is happening. Would it help to know that your heart is the coal, burning to ashen ember, that will be used to rekindle the fire? That this new flame will bring warmth to your life and light to your world?”–Austin Repath (Pilgrim Cards)

I know this start off feeling bleak, but in reality (mine anyway), it is not always joy and light. So many texts and quotes focus only on this part, but say little of what it takes to get there. I experience dark, so that I can experience and appreciate light. Always darkest before dawn as the saying goes.

My wife loves this deck of Pilgrim Cards created by Austin Repath, and occasionally we pick from the deck together. Something profound and timely always seems to emerge.

3 thoughts on “Darkest Before Dawn

  1. Really nice blog title, image, quote, insight and personal touch of your bonding moments with your wife Jonathan. Your keen observations, refreshing honesty, and willingness to grow is what makes you such a spiritual man. Thank you as always for sharing your gifts! 🙂

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