From “Poor Me” to “Lucky Me”

I spent the early part of Father’s Day feeling sorry for myself. My plan for the day was a music lesson at 11 am, followed by a BBQ for my father in the afternoon and evening. My wife and son had offered to take me to breakfast. At 10 am, no one was up. Feeling like I was not a priority and neglected, I decided just to head out on my own and do my thing.

But as I left, something started to change in my little head…I began to shift my focus from “poor me” to “lucky me.” And the weight of that little ego trip immediately started to lift and I felt…relieved.

I realized that Father’s Day has nothing to do with what others do for me. The greatest reward for Father’s Day is simply enjoying and taking pride in who and what my son Ben is becoming. And knowing that at some level, I have played at least a small part in that maturation process.

And for that, I am so very grateful.

8 thoughts on “From “Poor Me” to “Lucky Me”

  1. Your change of mind…and heart…is inspiring! It’s amazing how a change in focus can alter us at a deep level. Bet your dad feels the same sense of pride in who you are. 😉

  2. Good for you! My children are who make me who I am today: a proud father. They don’t have to give me gifts or rewards, their mere existence is what rewards me. Happy Father’s Day, by the way!!!

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