shadow imageNot much original thought this week I’m afraid, at least not that I am ready to blog about. But here is something I came across by Neil Donald Walsch (one of my favourites who always makes me stop and think). The last paragraph is the real kicker.

“The purpose of relationship may not be what you think.

If you are excited about forming a relationship based on
what it looks like you can get, rather than what you can give,
you have started off on the wrong foot entirely, and you
could be heading for a big disappointment.

The purpose of all relationships is to create a sacred context
within which you can express the fulness of who you are.
And who you are is an experience you have before
you enter relationship, not because you did.”

5 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. I would go even further and say that the purpose of LIFE is to express the fullness of who you are, within any given context and with whomever is around at the time. Isn’t that what you did in Africa? And yes, relationships help us evolve, they don’t create us. Quite the opposite. We are created for relationship.

  2. Great words of wisdom! So true. This reminds me of the book I just finished reading titled The Shack. It is fictional but has a strong message about the importance of relationships. Having a relationship should be based on giving to others, instead of expecting something. It is difficult to do, but it is essential. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. So true…. relationship is so much a sort of “mirror” for self — a place to to give, to trust, to explore connectedness in order to evolve and grow on a much deeper level personally. I think everyone wins when it’s approached this way. Love happens naturally, and without pretense. Wise post – thank you for sharing! ~ RL

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