Out of Africa–On Purpose

IMG_4815This is my final post of a series of lingering thoughts from my recent trip to Mozambique, Africa. This post is on finding my life’s purpose.

I don’t know that I’m any closer to figuring out what to do with what’s left of my life, yet perhaps this experience has made things a little clearer. I know I like to help those who need it. I realized that whatever it is I am doing, I have to enjoy it–no more endless, meaningless drudgery with no connection to who I am. I was reminded that I still abhor the bureaucracy and bullshit that gets in the way of progress and putting talents to good use.

I discovered that I really enjoy the consultant or advisor role, and the fact that in a short-term contract, volunteer or otherwise, there is a beginning and an end. I am not entrenched in the organizational culture, and that allows me to approach the issues and situation with fresh eyes.

I enjoyed the structure and challenges of the work, the commitment to a purpose, but without the attachment to that purpose. I realize that once I’m gone it is out of my hands…and that feels good and freeing somehow.

I re-discovered that unfamiliarity brings out the best in me and helps me tune in to my inner voice that has all the answers.

I will close by paraphrasing a few relevant and meaningful thoughts that I heard recently from Deepak Chopra that have been bouncing around in me ever since:

Fear and desire can cloud our intuition. But beyond that is the source of all intuition. The law of detachment helps us embrace the unknown. Uncertainty is essential in our path to freedom….it reinforces our need to trust ourselves. Uncertainty is living from within, able to trust our inner being. No barriers, no limitations. Into the field of all possibilities. The intuitive heart knows. Listen closely. It will always lead you in the direction of your soul’s purpose.

9 thoughts on “Out of Africa–On Purpose

  1. It seems to me you learned (or relearned) a lot about yourself on that trip. I don’t know that anyone ever figures out exactly what to do with the rest of their life (I think it evolves as we go), but you’re on the right path and making great discoveries. Life is a journey. One that should be full of self-discovery, meaning and fun. You’re on your way!

  2. I have always felt a connection to your work Mojo… hehe and now it is very clear why… that you quote the dear Dr. Chopra says it all… you are very wise, and very brave… wherever you are, I am sure that you spread the same fresh perspective and joy that you did for those in Mozambique! Happy Day, Jon! I hope you have some sunshine, as we are baking… hahahaha

  3. Even if you had a distinct idea of what you wanted to do for the rest of your life, it is likely that it would change as you have additional experiences. You have articulated some great insights about yourself…and for now, that is perfect! Your inner being knows how to take you “there” even when you aren’t aware of where “there” is. I love your Depak Chopra quote!

  4. Do not set boundaries on what or where your purpose shall be served. Keep the care and joy in your heart and you will be used in infinite ways. Live your life with purpose and in the sunset of your life it will all come full circle. Not my rule, God’s rule.

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