All Paths Can Lead to Consciousness

What is it about many organized religions, that those practicing claim to have found “the” way, and that that is the “only” way? And most frighteningly, try to impose that on others. How can anyone claim to have a monopoly on this? Perhaps that is why so many have fled these restrictions, and are seeking their own path to consciousness. 

Richard Rohr is a Franciscan priest who talks about male spirituality, adult Christianity, politics and spirituality, and non-dual thinking in a refreshingly open, unconventional, and down-to-earth way. I like his take on it. He says that almost all religion begins with a specific encounter with something that feels “holy” or transcendent: a place, an emotion, an image, music, a liturgy, an idea that suddenly gives you access to a bigger world. The natural and universal response is to “idolize” and idealize that event. It becomes sacred for you, and it surely  is. The only mistake is that too many then conclude that this is the only way, the best way, the superior way, the special way that I myself just happen to have discovered. Then, they must both protect their idol and spread this exclusive way to others. But what evidence do they have that other people have not also encountered the holy or profound in their own way?

The false leap of logic is that other places, images, liturgies, scriptures, or ideas cannot give you access to a higher power, or plane of existence. Much religion wastes far too much time trying to separate itself from—and create “purity codes” against—what is perceived as secular, bad, heretical, dangerous, “other,” or wrong.

If we are all connected, like drops in the ocean, then all paths can lead to consciousness. One is no more or less true than the next.

3 thoughts on “All Paths Can Lead to Consciousness

  1. I posted the following on my fb page, and then decided to share it here as well:
    I agree. A while back, on the Larry King Show, Larry asked a few different Christian religious leaders if they thought that the Dalai Lama was going to hell since he’s a Buddhist. There was an awkward moment (for them I’m sure) of silence because none of them answered yes. I believe they knew deep down in their hearts that it’s just darn redonkulous (aka ridiculous) for good souls to go to a place called hell, just because they chose a different path of spirituality. I have always refused to believe that millions or even billions of Chinese children (an example) are going to hell just because they didn’t get an opportunity to learn about Jesus or get baptized. I strongly believe that Jesus, like God, unconditionally loves ALL souls from around the world.

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