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Welcome and thanks for dropping by. A little about me. In February 2011, after working hard for about 23 years in the communications business, I was terminated by my employer. In the big picture, this was a good thing (although it took me some time to realize this). I was not enjoying myself anyway, and hadn’t been for a long time. But I just kept pushing through it, and buried my unhappiness deeper and deeper.

Leaving that life was hard and terrifying because it was all I had known, but it forced me to embark on a new journey, and to begin to face many issues and fears that were hard wired into me from a very young age.  And now I am trying to uncover who I truly am. I don’t want to be defined by my past anymore. I am searching for meaning, and who I am meant to be. I want to help. And I want to be part of the change that I wish to see, that must happen in this world. I know how that sounds…but there is no other way to really say it.

I am realizing that life is made up of three big chapters: the first is learning, the second is earning, and the third is serving…that’s where I am now.

I am only really starting to scratch the surface, but so far the journey and the telling of it has been somewhat cathartic and therapeutic. It gets me out of my head, at least for a little while. So I hope you enjoy this collection of struggles, observations, thoughts, questions, and the odd eureka moment, from a guy just trying to make sense of today, and perhaps serving others along the way.

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    • Hi my name is Lynn and I am a practicing Nichiren Buddhist living in Northern Israel. It occurred to me after reading your excellent words and the name of your blog you might find Nichiren Buddhism and in particular the lay organization SGI a movement of over 30 million working for world peace and nuclear disarmament all over the world. In case you may want to have a look : sgi.org.Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for your words which I read on TINY BUDDHA.,Lynn

      • Lynn…thanks so much for your interest and suggestion. I have never studied Buddhism, although I have been told a number of times that some of my thoughts and practices are aligned with it. Time to start digging. Jonathan

    • Hi Jonathan,
      Been following your “camino” or “walk-about” through South America. Look forward to hearing all the details and your insights about life and people over breakfast when you get back to good old cold Canada

  1. I’m replying to the message and question you left on my blog about building a community of readers. I’m also somewhat new to this world but what I’ve found is that I spend more time reading than writing. I treat myself on the weekends to cruising through the blog world, finding interesting people, good writers, and commenting on their work, following them. Most of those folks come to my blog and follow me. And from there one thing leads to another. You’ll feel a kind of momentum once you get a base of readers.

    But also- and this is the main thing, I believe- is to try and offer the best content you can- honest, real, and meaningful work. That part you got.


  2. It is quite amazing how when we struggle or something unexpected happens, how after a while, we grow and learn and change from it, even though when we are in the middle of it we might never have imagined we could get to where we are now…it sounds like you are on a wonderful journey of new discoveries and deeper meanings for yourself. I hope you have fun with this blog as new doors open within you and to all those who read your messages. Blessings, Erin, Bella Bleue

  3. I just came across this page when the link showed up in my “post reminder” e-mail. All this time I’ve been reading your posts and commenting on them, I just figured you didn’t have an “About” page…forgive me Jonathan, I can be slow sometimes. 🙂 Anyway, you’re not only beautiful inside, but you’re also a handsome man. Your wife must be very proud to have you as a husband. 🙂 I’m so grateful that you started this journey. By sharing your wonderful stories on your blog, and also taking the time to share your kind and encouraging words in your feedback with others, you make this world a better place. Thank you, as always, for being such a great inspiration! Always remember that you ARE Compassion (the highest frequency of Love) that rises above fear (the lowest frequency of Love) and Light that diminishes Darknesss. I wish you and your loved ones many blessings from the universe! God’s got your back! 😉

  4. Nice blog, Jonathan; thoughtful and well-written. Your change in lifestyle is indeed a great opportunity – I went through a similar thing, and have never looked back. I wish you the best on your journey, and am following your blog (Thanks for following mine 🙂 )
    ~ Paul

  5. Pleased to meet you, Jonathan. My friend LB (Deborah’s mom) gave me your blog address and invited me to drop by. I’m thrilled to find a like-minded individual, and encouraged that you are focusing on self-awareness and the joy of “letting go.” Having studied eastern philosophy for over a decade, I see more clearly the challenges inherent in western society and am convinced that happiness springs from – as your blog title suggests – being helpful to each other. I’ve signed on to follow your spiritual adventure; please feel free to join me on my current blog if you’re interested. Give my best to Debbi, will you? (lorriebeauchamp.blogspot.ca)

  6. I am a regular reader of TINY BUDDHA. I read your blog & enjoyed .I am also a practioner of Nichern Buddhism in DELHI INDIA ( A Buddha land ).I think you must practice this. As Lynn has given you the site address. NAM MYO HO RENG KYO is a means to awaken our Buddhahood. Dadoma

  7. I really resonated with your blog about Nicaruaga. There is something courageous and profound about travelling outside of our hologram, being disoriented, losing our fixed reference points, knowing, that in that case, that we know nothing, and, from there, embracing true service.

    I’ll follow this with interest.

  8. Life is truly an adventure and just when you think you have it figured out, another door opens encouraging you to walk through it. The key is to have the courage to take the chance to see what is on the other side. Kudos to you for beginning the journey. If anyone told me even 2 years ago that I would be scribing a blog (I am a very private person), I would have never believed them. Just trust in yourself and listen to your heart. You are well on your way with this honestly written blog.

  9. Interesting. Via Vicki Tufnell’s blog.

    Some stuff you might like; dynamic governance/sociocracy, participative democracy/economics, non violent communication, modern monetary theory/monetary sovereignty, decent civilised living job education training income guaranteed full employment with more stable prices.

  10. Stumbled upon your blog and couldn’t stop reading. It was as if I were writing the words myself. The past 6 months of my life have been overwhelmingly challenging to say the least and your words have alleviated some of my pain…or at least made it more bearable. So thank you and kudos to you for putting it all out there. I struggle with many of the same thoughts but am determined to keep moving forward, embracing the uncertainty of my life and really trying \work through all the heartbreaking changes. Good Luck on your journey!

    • Thank you so much girlsurfer. This is exactly why I write about these things. Hoping that someone can use it somehow. I am sorry for your heartbreak and struggles and would be happy to talk to you more if you think I can help in some way.

  11. I read the article you wrote featured in Tiny Buddha, “9 Insights on Dealing with Change, Challenges and Pain”; really enjoyed it…it’s so nice when someone just gets to the basics…simple wisdom is the sweetest. I loved your authenticity. Thank you.

  12. I too was touched by your posting on TIny Buddha. The last 6 months have been a painful period of change at every turn. Your story was affectingly familiar. By sharing, you have given me the gift of understanding that no matter how alone I may feel, there is someone, somewhere who hurts with me. There is strength in knowing that I am never alone in this universe.

  13. I also started down this path to meaning after losing my job in 2008 during the financial crisis. Isn’t it interesting how this journey to our truer self starts with a kick in the butt? I wish you safe journeys on your not so new pathway. Lorlinda

  14. Hi Jonathan — my compliments and appreciation for the insights you share so frankly, speaking from your authentic self and confronting the hard questions. No matter what the circumstances, that isn’t easy to do. I am keeping a list of positive blogs on my site, and have added yours as my entry for today. Best wishes for you to find the change and meaning you seek!

  15. Hi Jonathan, Hope this finds you well! I’m writing to ask a favor. My blog, Walks with Yogi, has turned into a book and I am looking for some of my followers to write a brief comment for the back cover. I wonder if you might be able to write a couple of sentences about how it was for you to read my posts? My email is andapeterson@yahoo.com.

  16. What else can I say after reading all those beautiful comments? Only that I feel very fortunate to have found your writings, your candid openness and its almost therapeutic effects on everyone, I’m sure.

      • Okay :)… I read all your African blogs. Totally riveting for me… Would you have any other blogs’ links for me? Pretty please? (smiles & chuckles)

      • You are very welcome :). I also commented on some of your weekly captivating notes, but you don’t need to reply to all… loll

  17. I very much look forward to reading! 😊…nice to find a space with authentic writing about the joys and challenges of service and, well, living!

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