A Study in Shadows: Four Principles

This is a very profound and truthful piece. So much light can be shed by understanding the shadow. I wouldn’t have been able to grasp it 2 years ago. But it’s starting to make sense now.

Matrignosis: A Blog About Inner Wisdom

A study of shadows1.  A basic principle of Jungian psychology is that we all have a conscious ego self and an unconscious “other” self. The unknown other contains the personal and collective qualities of our psyche of which our ego self is unaware or which it disowns.  Jungians call the personal parts of the other—the parts unique to us as individuals—our “shadow.”  Some shadow qualities are helpful, some, harmful.

Our shadow’s healthy and spiritually desirable features are our “light” shadow.  Like a sunken treasure chest, it contains valuable potential we have not yet accessed. The potentially harmful features comprise our “dark” shadow.  Everyone, from the most enlightened spirit person to the most disgusting criminal, has some of both.  Even you and I.

2.  A corollary principle is that ignoring and/or denying our shadow, light or dark, causes inner conflict and is a primary obstacle to individuation. Many people are not…

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