Beating the Rap

My son Ben showed me this music video yesterday by Hopsin. Although I’m not really a big rap fan, I watched it with great interest. How refreshing to hear someone NOT rapping about things that do NOT serve its listeners–drugs, rage, violence, hopelessness, rape, destruction, guns, retribution, etc.

Rather than glorifying these things that have such a negative impact, especially on young fertile minds, he raps about what is WRONG with them. How refreshing to hear someone calling out all those who reinforce, propagate, and encourage those things that lead to nowhere, exposing negativity as the unhelpful and self-perpetuating cycle it is. He exposes this way of life for the lie that it is.

And I was struck by my son’s insight and maturity in how he presented it to me, saying that everything that Hopsin raises in the song represents what he hates most about his generation. I am very proud of him.

There is a better, more unifying way. And the more people shine a light on that, the less power the dark side will have.

I will close here…the video says it all. I would be very interested in your comments.

4 thoughts on “Beating the Rap

  1. Pretty impressive video! You’re right Jonathan, it is refreshing whenever musicians use positive lyrics that serve others, especially the younger generation. We need more people who have the courage and strength to stand up for what they believe in, even if it goes against the majority. I really respect that in a person. I never heard of Hopsin before, but he seems bright and talented. I’m going to share this info with my teenage daughter and son. Thanks for sharing an important message J! You’re a great father who knows how to be a cool dad, and I can see why you’re very proud of your smart son. Please tell him thank you for sharing as well!

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