Death of Old, Birth of New

ImageI pulled these words from a deck of pilgrim cards last night with my wife. They describe the death of the old, the birth of the new, and the sometimes painful process involved with letting go and letting in. The timing is serendipitous for me, but not a coincidence. I guess the message is one of patience and faith.

“On this high plateau, the road spins out into infinity. Off in the distance, brown earth meets a blue line of sky. As far as the eye can see, nothing seems to alter, and yet much that is hidden is changing.

Last night you looked up into the heavens, and it seemed as if the stars were swirling and shifting into new formations. Inside of you, your mindscape too is transforming.

Let the cosmos within and the lanscape outside reconstitute themselves. For at some level, this is what is happening. You and the world you walk through are being taken apart and re-formed.

The old has not yet died; the new has not yet come ito being. Be patient. Choose wisely.

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