I am fascinated with the concept that we are all connected. It strikes a deep chord in me, and I know it is so. But I really struggle with it in practical, day to day life. When I become irritated with the things people do and how they behave. How inconsiderate they can be. And even though I know the concept to be true, I am frustrated with myself for being intolerant, judgmental, and small at times. So how to live consistently, and with a “connected” mindset is the ongoing challenge.

Here’s an idea and mental image that helps me. Picture the ocean–a huge body of flowing water that seemingly goes on forever. And every living thing, and all spirits are a drop in that ocean. I think it was George Harrison who said this: “Everyone has within them the same qualities as god, just as one single drop of the ocean has within it the same qualities as the entire ocean.”

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